About Us

360glitz.com is a Nigeria ‘Online Music Promoter’ founded by a teen singer and rapper ‘Ola’nrewaju Quadri ‘Scozay’ Olokodana in January 2017. The website development started on the 26, December 2016, before being launched in January.

The purpose of buliding 360glitz.com remains the same, which is to help up-and-coming talents becomes that big superstar they’ve always dreamed of.

Actually what triggered my move into blogging was to promote my songs, since I knew I wouldn’t be able to pay promoters to get my track on radio and streaming platforms. I had terrible experince when I first started. I don’t know how the thing works, I don’t know about the competitions, but I keep doing it because I’ve already loved playing with codex, even when I’m not earning from it, I keep doing it, I keep learning and here we are. Am an expert and I’m also earning great money from it,” Ola told 360glitz.com visitors