Lionel Messi: Football And Life Will Never Be The Same Again

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is ready for the return of football

Barcelona superstar, Lionel Messi thinks football and life will never be the same again following the coronavirus pandemic which put every sporting activities on hold for the past two months.

Now, after German’s Bundesliga became the first of Europe’s top five leagues to resume in May. Spanish’s La Liga, England’s Premier League amd Italy’s Serie-A are all set to return in June.

With games acriss all leagues to be played behind closed doors, Messi to El Pais on Sunday. “I don’t think football will ever be the same. But beyond football, I don’t think
life, in general, will ever be the same, either.

All of us that have experienced this situation will remember
what happened in one way or another. In my case, it’s with a
feeling of sorrow and frustration for those that have suffered
the most due to the loss of loved ones. I am sure that football and sport, in general, will be affected.
Financially, because there are companies linked with the world
of sport that will maybe experience some difficulties because
of the coronavirus

He added. “But also professionally, because with the return to training
and competing, what was normal before now is going to be
different. It will be a strange situation for us as athletes but
also for anyone that has to change their usual work dynamic.

The player also joined the list of people who donated to hospitals and charities
fighting the coronavirus. Messi donated more than €1m both in Catalonia, where he has lived
since joining Barca as a teenager, and in his native Argentina.

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